NTI Corporation is an industry innovator delivering powerful and user-friendly computer software for Digital Media and Data Storage Management. Since the firm's founding in 1995, NTI has been able to maintain steady growth despite a few industry cycles of ups and downs. The company currently has a solid position in PC and storage software markets. This is due to the firm's two core competitive strengths:
  • First is Knowhow: A mastery of software technologies in File Management and Backup Storage, as well as the capabilities to develop software applications across multiple platforms.
  • Second is Reputation: Due to years of experience and track records, NTI is known for its good professional ethics and corporate stability, which are very important attributes to our long-term business partners.

As a product company, we have been dedicated to the core concept of Power with Simplicity: the idea of enhancing and satisfying consumer experience with feature-rich software products that are also easy to use. We first successfully applied this concept on the legendary “NTI CD Maker”, a renowned CD Burning software application. Building upon our success in CD Burning, we applied the same concept in expanding into Backup Software solutions with our award-winning products Backup Now and Shadow. We then extended our expertise to cloud storage with NTI Cloud where users can store, access, and back up their data anywhere with Internet access.

To date, NTI has sold more than 250 million copies of its software products worldwide. Every day, millions of users worldwide depend on NTI software solutions to perform various tasks from creative photo slideshows to important routines such as file backup. It is the meaning and significance of this fact that drive NTI employees to work hard for our customers, every day.

NTI establishes its headquarters in scenic Irvine, California, USA, a city known for its clean and safe master-planned communities, excellent schools, and burgeoning high-tech companies. We also have a subsidiary and a branch in Guangzhou, China, and Taipei, respectively.

We continue to collaborate with and provide many software components to leading technology innovators in the industry, including Acer, Creative, Philips-Lite On, Real Networks, Sony, and Toshiba.

The solid relationship we have with our clients include supplying full-featured products and complete customizations to meet our clients’ unique requirements. Because of our innovation, flexibility and commitment to our clients’ satisfaction, our products have successfully been bundled with major brands’ USB hard drives, USB flash drives, solid-state drives, desktop computers and notebooks.

Our products are available on our website, at local retail stores, online retailers, and app stores (Apple, Microsoft, and Google) to meet the demands and lifestyle of today’s consumers. Volume licensing is also available to those with large quantity requirements. Our volume licensing customers include Fortune 500 companies, government units, and educational institutions.

We are dedicated to providing powerful and easy-to-use solutions today and into the future. There are exciting new products on the horizon like our cloud-based data sharing that will provide a secure access to personal folders on multiple devices. We will continue refining our current solutions and strive to bringing the latest technologies to your fingertip with the ease-of-use expected from NTI.