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Easiest Way To Design App+HTML5

One-year subscription.
Permanent license, no expiration.

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Easiest Way To Design

Integrate multimedia / open data into mobile app, HTML5 and social media sharing.

No need programming skill Google Play and Apple Store Train logical thinking Support mp3, mp4, jpeg and png,

No need programming skill. Everything is done by drag ní drop. Smart Apps Creator 3 Ė the first Step to learn app design.


Directly output GooglePlay / Apple Store publish file and Html5. Your apps are Cross-device.


Train logical thinking. Build STEM education. Changing ideas and contents to multimedia interactive apps is getting lot more easier.

Support mp3, mp4, jpeg, png, YouTube, Google Map plus abundant animations, interactivity and A LOT MORE!


Smart Apps Creator 3 features MS Office-like UI; design apps easily through drag n'drop. Our users are from every walk of life. Wedding app, business app, language teaching materials, story book, tourist guide all can be created with ease.


Smart Apps Creator 3 supports Apple device and Android device. Directly output your apps to .apk / .xcodeproj / .exe / HTML5. Share your app with the world.



Smart Apps Creator 3 contains built-in animations that make your contents and ideas come alive. Or try our ďAdvanced AnimationĒ to customize animations.



Adjust details for your animation

2 contain 17 different kinds of built-in animations Built-in animations.


Adjust animation moving directions Adjust animation moving directions.


Adjust 32 animation dynamics Animation dynamics.


Smart Apps Creator 3 turns your artistic or multimedia content into apps.Make your app responsive and interactive by directly adding function to images(e.g. icons or photos). Our unique function create any combinations and possibilities for your app. Train logical thinking. Build STEM education. Change contents / ideas to multimedia interactive apps.


SmartAppsCreator support mp3



SmartAppsCreator support mp4



SmartAppsCreator support png jpg gif

.png / .jpg / .gif


SmartAppsCreator support Insert webpage

Insert webpage


SmartAppsCreator support Map



SmartAppsCreator support Real≠Time Test

Real-Time Test



Mix Web-based Tool

Integrate web service into your app (e.g. security camera / chat tool / live channel / Google Form / questionnaire / whiteboard / currency exchanger). You are able to create any kinds of apps under any situation.

Real≠Time Test Function Preview apps right away on smart device before you need to publish them. Smart Apps Creator 3 includes unique Real-Time Test Function, which helps you preview apps on smart device before publishing.
Not sure about how apps looks like?
Not anymore.

BUILT-IN TEMPLATES Smart Apps Creator 3 includes several built-in photo templates.
Within a few minutes, you can make your app a perfect tool for digital marketing or photo display.

REVIEW & REWARD Create attractive and interactive apps for iOS or Android devices and publish them on the iTunes Store or Google Play Store, with the help of this powerful application............. Read More : Smart Apps Creator is an apps design software on pc. No programming skill needed............. Read More : It's still very useful for creating a variety of media apps, and can also be useful for instruction, presentations, and introduction to apps on mobile and desktop alike............. Read More :
100 I.T. Smart Apps Creator is listed in the 100 I.T. Innovative Elites by I.T. month.
"Hi, I downloaded and installed "Smart Apps Creator" on my desktop PC OS Win 8.1 with success. I really liked the "Graphic User Interface." It has a great impact (no eye confusion and distraction at all). The interface is really intuitive." -- Joseph Caristena, EGov Metrics, Italy (

System Requirement
Operating system

Graphics card
Hard drive space
Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
How to operate Smart Apps Creator 3 on a Mac
Intel Core™ i-series or AMD Phenom® II and above
Support 1024x768
2GB required
* Internet connection required for activate.
Smart Apps Creator 3 output apps to HTML5
- the most accessible app format
Output HTML5

Want to skip complicated publish steps, but don't have a way? Want to quickly spread your app to all device, but don't want your customers spend time downloading it?
Directly output Apps to HTML5, we call it "App+H5." Just put App+H5 to web server. View HTML5 online. Your app is viewed as HTML5 online. No more publish trifles anymore!
Let me know why "HTML5" is so IMPORTANT

Output HTML5






Send news/notifications to unlimited devices. Deliver messages in just at your fingertips.





Smart Apps Creator 3 Table View function links .JSON format data or open data to your apps. We even provide "excel convert to .JSON data service," helping your app more functional than ever.



SmartAppsCreator INSERT YouTube




Smart Apps Creator 3 supports YouTube. Insert YouTube video quickly into your app. Make your app more fun and attractive.











Text-input Interactivity let apps interact with viewers through wordings.




SmartAppsCreator PHONE CALL




Support phone call function.
Connect the world instantly.






Every walk of life is able to show !
Samples in GooglePlay Samples in Apple Store Fun English Learning with Fred New York Tourist Guide SHORT-TERM EVENT! Asiagraph Reallusion 2017 3D u-Smart Clothes/Fashion App Newborn Jazz Trio u-Smart Fun App Shakespeare education material Shakespeare Magic Book(Chinese) Simple demo app Tsurui, Hokkaido Photo Gallery Aeolesthes oenochrous Find the Seed of Happiness Looking for Steaks Dolls and clothes Little Sheep math materials. Sun' Wedding Invitation App Chung Fu Elementary School Guide App Chung Fu Graduation Memory Books Simple Math Game Compare and Contrast You Wish fashion vendor LLanYu Tour Guides u-Smart Tech Product Brochure App 2017 Lamborghini App Kid's brain development game Smart Naughty moles City District App CHICHIís Kyoto-Osaka Touring Diary
Smart Apps Creator 3
Samples in GooglePlay
Smart Apps Creator 3
Samples in Apple Store
Apple Store

Fun English Learning with Fred
Purpose: Language Learning
Fun English Learning with Fred is made by Jacklyn from Medianetic. Smart Apps Creator helps you make language learning materials while enjoying the story and interactivity in app. Students' and teachers' creativity can be developed and logical trained through Smart Apps Creator. New skills and the creation of We Media are built in this education journey.

New York Tourist Guide
Purpose: Mobile Tourism, Guide, Map
New York Tourist Guide shows how great Smart Apps Creator 3 is to help us create almost all kinds of app by different purpose. For traveller, tourism agent and government, Smart Apps Creator helps you create your own travel guide, introducing only the essence of your favorite city.

SHORT-TERM EVENT! Asiagraph Reallusion 2017 3D
Purpose: Event, Party and Invitation
This app helps participants have another media to involve in the event, including schedule, history, photos links, webpages and texts. Smart Apps Creator 3 could be mixed with Google form and .JSON open data, which makes your app more abundant and responsive. Your events could be promoted in the world. (This is This app is made by Jacklyn from Medianetic)

u-Smart Clothes/Fashion App
Purpose: Vendor Mobile App
u-Smart clothes/fashion is an app that promotes their clothes/fashion wholesale business. Their brochure could be reviewed thru mobile device. Real-Time data update is also doable through Smart Apps Creator 3. chat room is also inserted into this app to solve more customer service.

Newborn Jazz Trio
Purpose: Music Marketing, Band Marketing
Newborn Jazz Trio App shows a possibility of marketing in wedding band industry. As long as you have idea, put all information in an app is the best marketing tool for medium scale business. Introduce yourself to anybody and let them be impressed.

u-Smart Fun App
Purpose: Introduction, Guide
Smart Apps Creator 3 what's new is an app introducing the latest function of Smart Apps Creator 3. Take a look at what's new in the latest version of Smart Apps Creator 3.

Shakespeare education material
Purpose: e-Book, Language Learning
Shakespeare education material made by Providence University students, directed by professor Yi-Lin Chen, Department of English language, literature and linguistics. They made their own content, turning their idea into storyful, extraordinary app tool. Smart Apps Creator 3 is the best platform to make your idea come alive.

Shakespeare Magic Book(Chinese)
Purpose: e-Book, Language Learning
Shakespeare magic book is a English literature learning app made by Providence University students, directed by professor Yi-Lin Chen, Department of English language, literature and linguistics. Through Shakespeare magic book, students greatly learned Shakespeare anytime, anywhere ; the Shakespeare story could be quickly spread out through the smart device.

Simple demo app
Purpose: Introduction, Guide
This sample demonstrates the built-in function of Smart Apps Creator and its extensions. Everything you see here is made by Smart Apps Creator 3.

Tsurui, Hokkaido Photo Gallery
Purpose: Photo Gallery, Collections
Photo Gallery of Tsurui, Hokkaido. Tsurui is a village located in Akan District, Kushiro Subprefecture, Hokkaido. It is a breeding ground for the red-crowned crane, one of the 100 Soundscapes of Japan. Smart Apps Creator several photo templates to help organizing your photo display.

Aeolesthes oenochrous
Purpose: Biology, Entomology Learning
This app aims at learning Aeolesthes oenochrous, a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae, the longhorn beetles. It is native to Asia, where it occurs in China, Vietnam, Laos, and Taiwan. It is known commonly as the cherry tree longhorned beetle and Wushe blood-spotted longhorned beetle. Smart Apps Creator 3 could be used for any kinds of educational materials. Making your materials is quick and easy.

Find the Seed of Happiness
Purpose: e-Book, Story Book, Illustrated Story
Shu Lin Lee's artistic works are mix into the app, telling a lovely story about the path to happiness. The app is consisted of touching areas which make it interactive with the audience. In Smart Apps Creator 3 your app layout is designed by yourself and touching areas could be applied to anywhere you want.

Looking for Steaks
Purpose: Menu, Dishes, Restaurant Guide
Introduce steak houses and steaks, including their menu, location and contacts. Smart Apps Creator 3 also helps you create your own vendor/seller information. Make an app for your business in the GoogPlay and Apple Store is quick and easy. (*this restaurant is a concept showcase)

Dolls and clothes
Purpose: Small Game for Children
Change different hats, clothes, shoes and hair-style on a female doll. This app greatly takes advantage of templates, animations and touching areas to achieve the interaction among your creative contents.

Little Sheep math materials.
Purpose: Math Learning
This sample is an education materials made by primary school teachers. They mix their ideas and teachings together in Smart Apps Creator 3. Smart Apps Creator 3 is also good for education and for multimedia tool users.

Sun' Wedding Invitation App
Purpose: Wedding Invitation, Wedding Documentary, Wedding Photography
Your wedding news could be extra ordinary. Smart Apps Creator 3 adds audio, video, photos and interaction to your wedding invitation. Google form can be inserted into your app, which makes your app more convenient to collect data. Output to Html5 helps you quickly and easily spread your news on social media and chat tool.

Chung Fu Elementary School Guide App
Purpose: School Introduction, School Guide
Chung Fu elementary school Guide App aims at introducing School mission, team, publication, photography etc, expecting to let parents know more about Chung Fu elementary school. (This app is made by Mr. Tsung Shien Lu)

Chung Fu Graduation Memory Books
Purpose: Graduation Memory
Graduation Memory Books is made by Smart Apps Creator 3 to help students keep their memory, photos, video and audio. Smart Apps Creator is a perfect tool to achieve a graduation memory book. Student can review their time whenever they want. (This app is made by Mr. Tsung Shien Lu)

Simple Math Game
Purpose: Mathematics, Mobile Learning
A simple math game that intend to improves students' numeric memory, logic and creativities, boosting their learning motivation. Smart Apps Creator 3 is a great learning and teaching tool in all kinds of subject. (This app is made by Rhenish Church Grace School)

Compare and Contrast
Purpose: Mathematics, Mobile Learning
A simple math game that intend to improves students' basic idea about compare and contrast in order to learn numeric memory, logic and creativities. It's content includes common daily supplies. (This app is made by Rhenish Church Grace School)

You Wish fashion vendor
Purpose: Clothes Vendor, Fashion Design, e-Commerce
Smart Apps Creator 3 helps fashion vendor brand, You Wish, make and publish their own apps to Apple Store and GooglePlay. This app includes their profile, products, Shopee and questionnaires

LanYu Tour Guides
Purpose: Tourism
Lanyu tour guide is an app that introduces the beauty of LanYu island. Even if you don't know programming, you are still welcomed to make an tourism guide for your favorite place.

u-Smart Tech Product Brochure App 2017
Purpose: Brochure, Leaflets, Flyers
u-Smart Tech latest product brochure offers the best program in multimedia field. Smart Apps Creator 3 helps adding pdf file, video and touching area directly; as a result, an app could be interactive and published to Apple Store/GooglePlay. Product brochure could be spread among smart device with lowest cost and highest efficiency.

Lamborghini App
Purpose: Car Sales, Car Introduction
Take a look at the Lamborghini sports car introduction. This app includes forum, video, easy riddle and website. Smart Apps Creator 3 could be your best marketing tool on mobile app.

Kid's brain development game
Purpose: Nursery Game, Interactive Game, School Project
This app is made by students in Department of Data Processing, Zhiguang High School of Commerce and Industry. Smart Apps Creator 3 is a best tool to create interactive education materials for kid. *This link includes 7 kinds of different apps.

Smart Naughty moles
Purpose: Language Learning
This sample is made by senior high students. Smart Apps Creator 3 Can Accomplish some small game design thru its interactivIty function. Any simple or complicated idea can be done by Smart Apps Creator3.

City District App
Purpose: Government, City/District Information
Smart Apps Creator can design city district app for administrator. Information, schedule, event, show, coupons, tickets, news, questionnaires are more easily spread thru mobile app. Help your community grow easily. Make an app for your friends!

CHICHI's Kyoto-Osaka Touring Diary
Purpose: Travel, Tourism
A useful app introduces a journey between Kyoto and Osaka. Videos, website, photography and interactive content are applied in the app, making it more abundant and comprehensive for diary and publications
Quick Start


Smart Apps Creator Channel

Best Education Method

SmartAppsCreator Education

Smart Apps Creator 3 is one of the best solution for STEM education. It relies heavily on your creativity to design interactivity and app design. Think of a way to trigger an event and cause reactions you want. This unique function gives countless combinations and helps you design almost any kinds of possibilities. Smart Apps Creator 3 allows you to output HTML5 and link jSON format database to your apps. Design app can be a lot more fun and attractive.

Train logical thinking. Build STEM education. Changing contents / ideas to multimedia interactive apps.

Smart Apps Creator Target Users

Sharing your idea and creativity is the purpose of Smart Apps Creator. Smart Apps Creator can design multimedia interactive apps and helps us spread to GooglePlay / Apple Store. New idea come up in just one second.

Students under K-12 - Smart Apps Creator help them learn art idea, design and publish their own project, works, ads, graduation memory. Even small game can be done on Smart Apps Creator, like whack-a-mole and spot-the-difference.

Students above K-12 and teachers - Teachers can make their own education materials, teach students how multimedia can be applied, stimulate students' creativity. Students can design their own academic materials, powerpoint projects and publish to Apple store and Google Play.

Personal studio - Some of our users bought Smart Apps Creator to develop their own career. Use Smart Apps Creator to explore apps-design business or you can use it to create ads or brochure or flier and put them onto the Apple store or Google Play. If you are already an apps designer, this tool is another choice to illustrate idea to customers.

Artists - Smart Apps Creator help artists create personal profile, their artistic works will be displayed in the form of apps, both on Apple or Android device.

Smart Apps Creator is for:

  • Multimedia major student
  • Personal Studio
  • Enterprise apps / e-Commerce
  • Digital media publication
  • Web-design / Brochures / Marketing
  • Games / e-books
  • School apps /Education materials
SmartAppsCreator Education

Smart Apps Creator is supported by Taiwan MOE and is introduced into school curriculums. It also gains high attentions from teachers and designers around the world. In the meantime, Smart Apps Creator offers school education site license for ordering. Please do not hesitate to get more information from us.

If you want to partner with us, please contact us:

Malaysia - Medianetic:

Singapore - themediaskool:

Hong Kong - Intelligent Software:








Q : Why I can't find output iOS choice in my output function?

A  : Please start your project by choosing apple device then you can output both .apk or .Xcode file.



Q : What do I do if I want to install my Smart Apps Creator on other computer?

A  : You can deactivate your product key then activate it on other computer. Go to smart button (on the upper-left corner of your screen) >> account information >> deactivate.



Q : I can't successfully output my apps.

A  : Before you outputing your apps, please make sure you are connected to the internet.



Q : I can't successfully real-time test my apps.

A  : 1. Make sure your firewall didn't block you from real-time test.
2. Make sure your device and computer are connected to the same Wifi Lan.



Q : How do I publish my apps to Apple Store ?

A  : Please move your .Xcode file to Mac and open it with Xcode, then you need a developer account, a certificate for your apps and then you will be able to start apple publish procedures. (We have the step-by-step in your Smart Apps Creator please check).



Q : I have problem publishing .apk to Google Play.

A  : Please make sure, when you are outputting your .apk, you program name started by "com."



Q : How to response 'Privacy & Security" notification warned by Google Play ?

A  : This article is to help Smart Apps Creator users response "Privacy & Security" notification by giving them step by steps.
Google now requires developers submit privacy policy during their procedure for apps publication. Therefore, developers, who didin't submit privacy policy in the past, will receive requirement of submitting privacy policy.
Go to developer's account >> select your app >> select Store Listing >> DO NOT check "Not submitting a privacy policy" >> copy and paste the privacy policy URL we prepared for you. (You can write your own privacy policy and copy URL to here.)

Click submit



Q : I can't activate my serial number on Smart Apps Creator.

A  : Before you start to activate, please connect your computers to the internet.
If you fail to activate serial number while computers are connected to the internet, please TURN OFF firewall and anti-virus system, then try again.





Mac OS


Smart Apps Creator 3 operated on Mac (Thru WineBottler)

Smart Apps Creator 3 can now be operated on Mac through WineBottler. Wine is an open source program for running Windows software on non-Windows operating systems. Wine can run Windows software directly on a Mac, too-without requiring a Windows license or needing Windows running in the background.


How to operate Smart Apps Creator 3 on a Mac With WineBottler

1. To get started, download WineBottler. Be sure to download a version that works on your release of Mac OS X. Open the downloaded DMG file. Drag and drop both Wine and WineBottler applications to your Applications folder to install them, just like you would any other Mac application. You can then launch WineBottler from your Applications folder.

Smart Apps Creator 3 operated on Mac


2. Simply download Smart Apps Creator 3, then right-click or Ctrl-click Smart Apps Cretor 3 .exe file to select Open With > Wine.

Smart Apps Creator 3 operated on Mac


3. Smart Apps Creator 3 project file can be successfully opened on Mac. Activate and deactivate works fine. Apps can be successfully output to .apk, .exe, .xcodeproj and HTML5.

Smart Apps Creator 3 operated on Mac