NTI Dragon Burn 4.5

Dragon Burn 4.5

The Original Multi-burn Solution for Your CD and DVD Burners. What's New:

  • Video Mastering!
  • Picture CD!
  • DVD+R DL Support!
  • Dynamic Drive Support™!

1 License - Installation on 1 PC

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Dragon Burn enables Mac users to quickly and easily begin producing audio, data, mixed-mode CDs, and DVDs without poring over the user manual.

Dragon Burn enables Macintosh computer users to quickly and easily begin producing audio, data, mixed-mode CDs and DVDs. Dragon Burn's Multi-Burning engine allows users to simultaneously write multiple CDs and DVDs from single or multiple sorces. It also fully supports the newest internal and external drives.

Using Dragon Burn, Macintosh users can easily produce their own audio and data CDs and DVDs; mixed-mode and CD extra discs; and VCD and SVCD video discs. Users can mix and match AIFF, CDDA or Wave files to produce custom audio CDs. For CD and DVD data mastering applications, Dragon Burn fully supports ISO 9660 MS-DOS and Joliet, HFS (Mac OS) and HFS+ (Mac OS Extended) file systems. For Hybrid CDs and DVDs, users can select Mac OS and ISO 9660 file system combinations including data from previous ISO 9660 sessions.

For complete data protection and recovery, users can burn layouts to a disc or save them as complete disc image files. Using similar creation techniques, users can quickly and easily produce a backup copy of any CD or non-copy protected DVD. To ensure that users always produce quality discs, Dragon Burn supports BurnProof and other buffer-underrun protection technologies. For maximum throughput performance, the mastering software also supports USB 2.0 and FireWire CD/DVD burners.

Full Featured Creativity Suite for Music, Photos, Movies, Sharing & Backup!

New Features in Version 4.5!
Video Mastering!
Create VCD/SVCD from standard-compliant MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 files.
Create Movie DVD from Video_TS (.VOB files, etc.)

Picture CD!
Create CD with JPEG picture files captured by your digital camera.
Compatible with newer generation DVD players which play JPEG format.

DVD+R DL Support!
Supports burning to DVD+R DL media, with up to 8.5 GB disc capacity

Dynamic Drive Support™!
Improved and enhanced to support the widest range of CD and DVD burners.
Including support for CD and DVD burners that may not be supported by Apple's own software.

Reliable, versatile, and powerful burning
Smart Decision™ automatically chooses the best writing method for your disc burning project
DDS (Dynamic Drive Support)™ provides support for virtually all CD and DVD burners
Fast and reliable Multi-Burning Engine
Supports Overburn
Supports virtually all popular image file formats: .bin, .cue, .cdr, .dmg, .iso, and and .ncd.

The total Audio solution
Create your own greatest hits CDs from virtually any music source: records, tapes or CDs
Record Live Audio to CD - record business meetings or archive LPs and cassette tapes to CDs
Volume Balance your songs when burning from various sources
Supports CD-Text
Supports virtually all popular formats: AAC, AIFF, CDDA, SD2, WAV.

A perfect Data Storage solution
Share files easily with Windows and UNIX users
Get the most out of your CD/DVD discs with Multi-Session (DVD+RW only) support
Saving critical data files or sharing files with others is as easy as drag, drop, and burn!
Supports even the most complex data formats: ISO 9660, Joliet, UDF 1.5, UDF 1.02, HFS, HFS+, Hybrid, and Multi-Session (DVD+RW only).

Rich, multi features designed for the most avid Mac users!
Multiple Copy: make multiple disc copies simultaneously!
Supports Mixed-Mode and CD Extra formats
Supports external drive interfaces: Firewire and USB
Supports DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, Dual DVD, DVD Multi, and DVD Super-Multi drives
Multi-Burning with device manger: burn multiple discs at the same time, in the background while you do other work
Select suitable writing speed based on current system settings
Disc Info tool, Recorder Info tool, and many more!

Language available:
English, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

Key Features & Benefits

Audio CD
Creates Audio & CDs from WAV, AIFF files and Audio CD Tracks.
Converts Audio Files To and From Wave/AIFF Formats.
Set pause length (0-10 seconds) of each audio track.
Disc-At-Once (DAO) writing for Audio CDs.
Plays audio track using QuickTime controller embedded in the layout.
Online Music Database Support.
Automatic Volume Balancing.
Import iTunes Playlists for Audio CD burning.
CD-Text support for track and disc.
Audio Swapping Supported: Automatically extracts audio tracks from CD to your local hard drive using Drag-n-Drop.
Extract or encode multiple audio tracks at the same time (WAVE/AIFF).

ISO9660 Joliet (long file name)
HFS (Mac OS)
HFS+ (Mac OS Extended)
Hybrid (MS-DOS/HFS)
Hybrid (MS-DOS/HFS+)
Hybrid (Joliet/HFS)
Hybrid (Joliet /HFS+)
Universal Disc Format (UDF) 1.5
Volume Info for ISO9660 & UDF Discs.
CD-ROM XA format support.
Apple Extensions support.
Create/Use custom filters for data layouts to easily archive to data CDs/DVDs by file type.
Add data incrementally to CDs and DVDs (Multisession Support) for HFS(+), ISO and UDF file systems.
Multi-Session Spport.
  • Import Session (ISO 9660 Sessions)
  • Allows the import of existing ISO 9660 session(s).
  • Highlights files from previous session in the layout.
  • Displays information from previous ISO 9660 sessions.
  • Option to completely remove imported session(s) with a single click.
Supports all CD formats (including Multi-session discs).
DVD Data copy (non copy-protected).
Single drive CD Copy supported.
Copy to hard disk prior to burning option.
Source Drive Speed Checking to insure most efficient burning speed is selected prior to a burn.
Drag-n-Drop CD Image Files directly into layout.
Displays track/session information for source (Including CD Image).
Copies CD-Text information for Track and Disc.
CD Image support.

Live Audio
Record business meetings or archive classic LPs and cassette tapes. Use a microphone or turn virtually any analog music source into a crystal clear digital CD.

Mixed Mode CD

CD Extra CD (Enhanced CD)

Additional Features
Multiple Document Interface support
  • Create/edit layouts while burning or erasing.
  • Save/load any layouts while burning or erasing.
  • Double clicking a saved layout will automatically load the layout.
Dynamic Drive Support(DDS)and Live Update.
  • Dynamic Drive Support eliminates the worry about CD drive compatibility by automatically detecting your drive and allowing a basic level of support for your drive even if Dragon Burn does not directly support it. In this case, some drive specific features will not be available until the drive is fully supported and listed in our supported drive database.
  • Use Live Update to download and install the latest version of the supported drive database from the NTI website.
Multiple Recording
  • Each layout can start a burn/erase process.
  • Dragon Burn's Device Manager keeps track of each drive's status to prevent multiple access of the same drive during burning/erasing.
Disc Info
  • Displays detailed media information for selected drive.
  • Allows user to erase.
  • Allows user to extract tracks onto local hard drive.
  • Displays CD-Text if available.
Recorder Info
  • Displays detailed information gathered from system and database file about each CD/DVD Recorder.
  • Displays current drive database version.
Live Update for Drive Support Database (Internet connection required)
  • Automatically download newest drive support database directly from our FTP to support the newest drives.
Burning Options

Scans and validates all files prior to burning.

Smart Decision sets up all the options based on layout type, drive/media capabilities, and source data.

Speed Slider is customized based on current drive and media used.

Track-At-Once/Session-At-Once/Disc-At-Once supported.

Dragon Burn supports all buffer under run technologies like BURN-Proof, JustLink, Seamlesslink and ExacLink

Simulate Burning.

Write CD-Text (if available).

User Preferences
  • Stores default settings automatically.
  • Select amount of cache to use for burning.
  • Select volume for temporary file storage.
  • Customize your own burning progress bar.

System Requirements

  • Macintosh computer running Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan, 10.12 Sierra, or 10.13 High Sierra.
  • CD or DVD recorder

EducationUpdate.com -
"NTI's Dragon Burn provides what seems to be the first truly workable solution for the institutional use of CD/DVD burners available for the MAC OS environment."

eMedia -
"Dragon Burn for OS X offers nearly everything Toast 6 offers... since Dragon Burn sells for $49 and so does Apple's own iDVD, you can get all that functionality for the same price as Toast 6. There's finally another viable recording option for Mac users, and to that we can only say: It's about time."

Mac Mentor -
"Nice simple and pretty interface, very informative display."

Macs Only! -
"Dragon Burn 3 for Mac OS X is a nice piece of software. All of its features that we tried worked well. Dragon Burn adds measurably to iTunes and Mac OS X's disc burning features with multiple session, multi-device capability."

Insanely Great Mac -
"Dragon Burn is fast, slick and easy! Dragon Burn rates a 4.5 of 5."

"There Is A NEW Burner In Town!! Go check it out - It works GREAT!!"

Hear What Others Are Saying

“Software [Dragon Burn] keeps getting better all the time a good substitute to Roxio Toast”
George G., USA.
“New Dragon Burn 4 is awesome I have tried the demo and managed to burn stuff Toast refuses SVCD with both NTSC and PAL videos”
Ronny N., SE.
“I've been happy with the efficient clean way that Dragon Burn 3 has worked to the point that I use it over Toast for all the things that it does. Its certainly rock hard stable. Thanks and I look forward to the same performance in the future with the v4 upgrade path”
Dr Randy S., USA.
“I love the multiple burn function on Dragon Burn especially being able to burn different types of discs and from multiple sources at the same time. You are light years ahead of Roxio always has trouble verifying perfectly good discs as well”
Brian B., USA.
“Each version of Dragon Burn gets better and better, I have high hopes for version 4”
Erick B., USA.
“[Dragon Burn] Very simple to use and very good for burning better than Toast I had before. Really I think Dragon burn is the best now”
Jean P L., FR.
“Much prefer Dragon Burn. It works without a hitch, glad to see a new version. I've used Roxio Win and have had many problems I don't use it any more”
Robert P., USA.
“[Dragon Burn] it's great I love it. It works much better than Toast saw it in store when I worked for CompUSA”
David H., USA.
“I think Toast is too little for the money. It appears that Dragon Burn is a better buy and just a bit more intuitive”
Michael W S., USA.
“Toast used to be reliable in the past not anymore. I get coasters very often. With the Dragon Burn demo not a single coaster”
Dr Michael C., ES.
“I like Dragon Burns clean simple interface I sometimes have to make multiple copies of a CD for my classes and Dragon Burn really does simplify this. I have been using version 3 and read about the upgrade to version 4 on Mac Minutes website and had to have it”
Dr David K W., USA.
“I love Dragon Burn software since the day I started to use it. It's far better than Roxio product is. It is easy to use”
Glenn T., USA.
“I have chosen Dragon Burn as one of the best for my iMac Indigo. I do quite a lot of medical presentations in ppt and Keynote. Also take a lot of numeric photos and transfer them for printing on classical paper”
Dr Paul D., FR.
“I don't like Toast because it has no buffer display and I can't really work in the background while burning. Dragon Burn 3 has been much better than Toast so I want to continue using it”
Paulo A., PT.
“Very happy with Dragon Burn 3.1.26. It just keeps getting better and better”
Ben D., GB.
“[Dragon Burn] I love it Better than Toast and much more reasonable in price”
Jonathan R., USA.
“[Dragon Burn] unlike other software Mac is so easy its only three clicks and work is done I do not need to go for any computer course for me to burn CDs with NTI. IT IS SIMPLY THE BEST”
“iTunes doesn't support my burner Toast does but Dragon Burn 4.0 is the first reasonably priced burning software that supports my burner”
David N., USA.
“I have Dragon Burn 3 I love it. It is simple and easy to use Great Job”
Derek J., USA.
“Toast 5 is good for data, mp3, backups but not good at burning VCD files and incapable of burning an SVCD which is poor”
Paul K., GB.
“Very much satisfied with Dragon Burn for its many features and ease of use and the many features”
Mouna R., DE.
“[Dragon Burn] Much better than Mac Native”
Rick N., USA.
“[Roxio Toast 5] Does not support real synchronous burning on multiple burners”
Albert D., DE.
“I have tried Dragon Burn on a friend's machine and it is easier to use than Toast”
Jake R., GB.
“[iTunes, iDVD] Very frustrated that I can't burn Disc At Once audio CDs with no gaps between songs. Also can't make mixed mode CDs”
Eric Van W., USA